Shiv Kumar Agarwala

Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala is the eldest son of Late Yudhisthir Lal Agarwala. After the early death of Late Yudhisthir Lal Agarwala, Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala being the eldest member of the family took over the entire responsibility of the family & business at the age of 18 years. Since then he is heading the entire business establishments & family.

Academic Qualifications:

B Com (Hons), Kolkata University

Business experience:

Is the partner in GSW since March’1968. Since then he has been looking after the entire business activity of GSW including management, finance and export & domestic business of iron & steel scrap including trading & processing of the same. Now GSW is promoting a real estate business. Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala has been instrumental in promoting this mega housing project of approximately 1.5 million sqft .

Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala was also appointed the Director & Chairman of IJS in 1969. He was instrumental in modernization, expansion & diversification in high value alloy & special steel strips by virtue of which IJS was the most respected & established steel manufacturing unit in India. In addition to his own company Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala was on the board of various mini steel companies.

Because of his experience & pioneering efforts, Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala has been very well known & respected person in the Indian steel industry & at the age of 39 years was appointed the chairman of Steel Furnace Association of India (SFAI) ( for the year 1989 & 1990. SFAI was the Government of India’s only recognized nodal agency for the entire mini steel industry in India. All the major mini steel units such as Jindal Steel, Usha Martin Alloys, Essar Steel, Mukund Steel, Mahindra Ugine, Kalyani Steel & GKW were members of SFAI. At that time all the supply & logistic support to steel industry was mainly monitored by the Ministry of Steel, Government of India, and all the important Government decisions in connection with the steel industry were invariably taken in consultation with Chairman, SFAI only. Being the chairman of the association, Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala was the member of various top level Government panels on steel industry. By virtue of the Chairmanship of such an important association, Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala had to interact with all the captains of the steel industry & senior Government officials regularly and has established a very close rapport with them.

As SFAI Chairman Mr.Shiv Kumar Agarwala led four high level delegations consisting of industry captains & senior Government officials to Europe, USSR and South America (Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela & Mexico)

In recognization of his services Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala was appointed the President of Bharat Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata, for the years 1991-92 & 1992-93, one of the oldest & most respected business chamber of the country. All the major commercial & industrial houses of Kolkata are the members of this business chamber. ( As President of the chamber Mr. Agarwala had a very close interaction with the captains of the trade & industry as well as international & national Chambers of Commerce as well as senior Government Officials. The highlight of Mr. Agarwala’s presidentship of the chamber was that during his presidential tenure in the year 1993 the former Prime Minister of India Dr. Man Mohan Singh, then the Finance Minister of Government of India had specially flown from Delhi to Kolkata to preside over Bharat Chamber’s annual meeting at Kolkata on Mr. Agarwala’s personal invitation.

In 2003 Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala was personally invited to explore the possibility of excavation & processing of slag dumps of then Mittal Steel Romania & Algeria. Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala was instrumental in single handedly finalizing the contract & very successfully establishing the business establishment in Romania & Algeria along with his family.

Sharad Varma

Mr. Varma is the Managing Director of B Ghose & Co Pvt Ltd (, a closely held Ltd company established in Kolkata for over 50 years. The main areas of operations of this company have tradionally been: Joint vessel owning, Stevedoring & container handling including transporting at the port of Kolkata & Haldia are the major operations of the company.

The company has its head office at Kolkata & branch offices in New Delhi, Guwahati, Bangalore, and Haldia. Through its many associates it has had a continuous presence in almost all the major ports (both sea and Inland) in India. B Ghose today enjoys in excellent international reputation in the shipping & handling markets of the world, and is a professional run company.

By virtue of being one of the pioneer stevedores at the port of Kolkata the company has gradually built up expertise for the handling of almost all types of cargoes. The major achievements have been the successful operation of various kinds of project cargoes coming to India under some of our continental principals.


Sharad Varma graduated from St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata and went on to obtain a diploma in shipping management from London Institute of Shipping and Transport Management.

Satyam Agarwal

Mr. Satyam Agarwal is the elder son of Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala & is commerce graduate from University Of Calcutta. He has been actively involved in business since 1998 and has been a vital part of all GSW’s operations India & abroad.

He is a keen photographer & hobbies include travelling, reading.

Shubham Agarwala

Mr. Shubham Agarwala is the younger son of Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwala & is a commerce graduate from University Of Calcutta. He has been actively involved in business since 1999 and has been a vital part of all GSW’s operations India & abroad.

He is a sports lover and a enthusiastic tennis player. Hobbies include travelling, sports.