Being active in the heavy industry for so long has been a huge responsibility in terms of health and safety, things that became a priority at GSW.

The safety regulations implemented by GSW include measures to prevent accidents and professional diseases, considering the specific risks to which the working staff is exposed on a regular basis.

In order to protect its employees as best as possible, GSW’s management, together with H & S specialized coordinators, draws each year an action plan for safety improvements, based on the analysis form for work tasks – HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment), a H & S organizational chart consisting of: work stages, risks, established actions, pilot (responsible), deadline.

GSW’s internal regulations for security measures cover vast working areas, such as: production (exploitation activity), Metal Recovery Plant operators, machine operators, drivers, mechanics, electricians, unskilled etc. For each activity segment, a different set of regulations is drawn, based on specific risks. These regulations are periodically reviewed and are subject to modification whenever the ongoing laws change.

GSW classifies and distributes its staff only as per their individual qualifications and periodically trains all personnel on H & S matters. Protection equipment is mandatory for all employees performing on site, our company providing every protection necessary for head, eye, body, feet, hands, protection against falling from heights etc.

GSW is strongly involved in terms of labor safety, social dialogue and environment protection, which are fundamental values to our company and no priority shall surpass them and it is our ambition to act ourselves and together with our staff to respect both human lives and environment.